Monday, November 16, 2009

Pillow Talk

I have come to realize that sharing a bedroom with a man can be quite challenging. I am not talking about the usual female complaints. In fact - my boyfriend is quite tidy... minus the miscellaneous tools that I often find lying around!

What if you love design... love color... love expressing yourself! What if your bed is that cozy space you go to curl up & read a book on those not-so-nice days... but you just don't think that forcing your loved one to sleep in poppy field reds or a polka dot bed is fair...

(Not that I recommend this particular motif)

Then what is a girl to do? Well, lets do a cheer!

P-I-L-L-O-W-S PILLOWS PILLOWS PILLOWS!!! Like this pretty one from adam & viktoria

Quite often, people become overwhelmed by bold colors & it is not necessarily because they dislike the color. It all boils down to whether or not that color is being used properly. So for this particular problem, I will add subtle hints of bright colors.

Here is our bedroom color scheme before:  

TIP: using solid colors as your base will allow you to switch up your pillows whenever you feel like it! You can also use reversible comforters (as seen in image II). 

Now lets add some 'lil hints of color...

Tip: Some great places to purchase beautiful pillows at a reasonable price are Homegoods & Pier 1.

And here come the pillows...

What I Did: 
  • Selected books with bold colors to decorate my side of the bed & to compliment the pillows I selected.
  • Through in a vintage, glass oil lamp because it's cool... and you just never know when the power might go out! 
Tip: Purchasing pillow covers is a lot cheaper than purchasing duvet covers!

Stay tuned next Monday to see what kind of art we add above the bed...


  1. Love the post!!! the bed looks so pretty!!

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