Monday, July 26, 2010

Somewhere Only We Know

So this is our new house! (Excuse me for looking so... blah in the photo). We spotted this place in February, took a peek inside & knew we found a charmer.  

YES, it needs a lot of work... inside & out! But this is what me & the boy do-  I'm visual and he's technical... together, we will flip this house into a home.

Eewww that lattice make me cringe!  

Enough on the house for today though...

I want to tell you about the hidden treasure I found across the street!

It doesn't look like anything special, I know... but look a little closer and you will find these! 


and some of these too...

A once manicured garden, now hidden by overgrown grass and weeds. It's too bad I do not have the time to landscape.

I did however, take a few minutes to make this -

 Thank you secret garden for adding your vibrant colors to my sun-room!  

(and thank you local consignment shop for selling me that adorable pitcher for $2.49)