Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

 Let's face it- my financial status is at an all time low. So with my 2010 #1 goal in tact: turning adversity into prosperity, I will be making homemade gifts well into 2011.

Cookie Jar with Paisley Cookies
Cookie Jar! 
My cookie jar concept arrived when I found an adorable jar for $2.49. I knew I needed the perfect birthday present for a friend with a sweet tooth & a fantastic eye, so I snagged it!  P.S. she loves paisley...

Frost & Decorate
So paisley cookies it is!

Next, I ran to Joann Fabrics for some decorating ideas & hopefully some cheap finds! This is what I found:

Small polka-dot ribbon - 25 cents
Larger blueish/cyan colored ribbon - 2.99 (she loves this color)
Set of 10 Gift Tags - 1.00 (yes, I found that adorable pink tag in a set for a buck)

If you have the ingredients in your home to make sugar cookies and royal icing, this adorable gift will cost you about 7 dollars!!!

If you do not have the ingredients purchase the following:

Food coloring - 2.99
A roll of  Pillsbury sugar cookies - 3.99
Wilton brand cookie icing (in white) - 4.99

This project will now cost you about 19 dollars!!!

Cookie Jar!
JOAT Advice:
  1.  Sometimes, time is money. Choosing to purchase cookie dough rather than bake cookies from scratch is absolutely acceptable. Pillsbury sugar cookies are delicious!
  2. Making royal icing from scratch is s-i-m-p-l-e & comes out much better than store bought icing. It requires confectioners sugar & egg whites. 
  3. Food coloring is cheap & a little goes a long way.
  4. Always hand write your message.
  5. Cookie cutters not required. Print a stencil off the internet, place it on top of the flattened cookie dough and cut around it.


  1. Loving your paisley cookies! What a thoughtful gift. I have a few bdays coming up...maybe I'll try some creative cookie decorating too =)

  2. My wife is using jars and bottles (recycled) for cookie storage, too. She loves the idea of baking cookies and putting 'em in small jars for our family and friends on special occasions. Your work is very creative.